Why Newzy?

Tech Watch is so important to stay up-to-date and improve our skills.

And yet it's time consuming and often inefficient due to all sources and noises...

We faced this problem for years, and finally decided to create a tool to help fellow developers.

We aim to help professionals to keep up to date by easily discovering relevant knowledge.

  • Alexandre Chirié

    Alexandre Chirié

    ML lecturer & Business developer

    I've had the chance to work in different jobs from data science to business development. But Tech Watch was always difficult to maintain due to lack of time, high volume of sources and noises. Our aim is to change that.

  • Maximilien Defourné

    Maximilien Defourné

    ML lecturer & Data Science Engineer

    I fell in computer science in high school and succeed to make it my job. Newzy was born to resolve my problem of technical watch and make it efficient. The challenge now, is to make it available to every professional.